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Azerbaijani gymnasts perform in 3 Finals tomorrow

28 May 2021

Azerbaijani gymnasts perform in 3 Finals tomorrow

The Azerbaijani gymnasts have reached the three Finals in the Qualifications which was held within the framework of the Aerobic Gymnastics World Championships today.

The Azerbaijani Aero Dance team consisting of Nurjan Jabbarli, Madina Mustafayeva, Narmina Huseynova, Aykhan Ahmadli, Elchin Mammadov, Imran Imranov, Nigar Ibrahimbayli and Akif Karimli succeeded to reach the final with 18,200 points.

Vladimir Dolmatov, who represented our country in the Individual program, also reached the Finals of the Championships, in which the strongest athletes in the world competed in.

Other gymnasts who will represent Azerbaijan in tomorrow's Finals will perform within the Groups program. Five gymnasts - Vladimir Dolmatov, Imran Imranov, Balakhanim Ahmadova, Khoshgadam Guliyeva and Narmina Huseynova, will execute their performances among the top eight Groups.