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Our historical success in Trampoline Gymnastics

13 February 2022

Our historical success in Trampoline Gymnastics

The FIG Trampoline Gymnastics World Cup was held in our capital on February 12-13.
The competition, organized with the participation of 52 gymnasts from 13 countries was remembered with historical Silver medal of our representative Seljan Mahsudova.
S. Mahsudova finished the qualifications with a confident performance and won the Silver medal having received 52.780 points from the judges in the final stage.
It should be mentioned that this is the first medal in history of Azerbaijan in Trampoline Gymnastics won in the women’s individual program.
Russian gymnast - Irina Kundius (53.900 points) took first place among female gymnasts. Italian gymnast - Georgia Giampieri won the Bronze medal (51.820 points).
Representative of Belarus in men's individual program, winner of the Summer Olympic games Tokyo-2020 - Ivan Litvinovich (61.850 points), living behind all his rivals, won the Gold medal. His teammate - Andrei Builov (60.800 points) finished second. Gymnast from Kazakhstan - Dannil Mussabekov (58.890 points) won the Bronze medal.
Having received highest execution score Maria Golota from Russia won the “AGF Trophy” in women's program, while Ivan Litvinovich from Belarus become winner among men.
The Pair from Turkey in women's Synchronized program took the first place with 44.140 points, the Swedish pair took the second place with 42.030 points and the Russian pair ranked third with 32.790 points.
The team of Belarus in men's Synchronized program took the first place with 52.810 points, the Russian pair became the second with 50.820 points and the Portuguese team took the third place with 49.960 points.
The participation of the Iranian and Indian teams for the first time in history of Trampoline Gymnastics at this competition was considered as successful steps in development of this sport by international experts.
The World Cup was remarkable as the athletes, who arrived in our capital applied the new Code of Points of the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) in their program for the next Olympic Cycle.
Trampoline Gymnastics has been developing in Azerbaijan since the end of 2013. The World Cup is held in Baku for the fifth time.
It should be mentioned that this event, like other competitions organized in our country during the pandemic, was held with the special Authorization of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan. 
At this competition, the Local Organizing Committee took a number of steps to follow the quarantine rules and recommendations of the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) as well as to minimize communication between people.