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Our Rhythmic gymnast wins the Bronze medal at the European Championships

17 June 2022

Our Rhythmic gymnast wins the Bronze medal at the European Championships

The Rhythmic Gymnastics European Championships commenced in Tel Aviv (Israel) on June 15. 286 gymnasts (91 individual senior gymnasts, 83 individual junior gymnasts, 19 Teams in Group exercise) from 39 countries competed in the Continental Championships hosted by Israel for the second time. On the second day of the competition, a member of our National Team among juniors - Kamila Gafarova, was remembered for her “Bronze”. Our athlete, who received 28,850 points from the judges, mounted the 3rd step of the podium for her confident performance with Clubs. Our gymnast ranked 6th (29,050 points) for the execution of the routine with a Hoop.
At the decisive stage, our gymnast Alina Mammadova also ranked 6th (29,050 points) with a Ball. Another member of National Team - Madina Damirova, took the 7th place for the performance with a Ribbon (26,250 points).
Today, our Individual gymnasts also competed in the Qualifications of the European Championships among seniors. A member of our team - Zohra Aghamirova, took the 5th place (32,050 points) with a Ball and reached the Final. Tomorrow, our athletes will demonstrate their programs in the Qualifications with Clubs and Ribbons. The finalists in the All-Around competitions will also be determined.
It should be mentioned that the European Championships qualifies for the World Championships.