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Bronze of a flying gymnast

21 June 2015

Bronze of a flying gymnast

This time, a trampoline gymnast Ilya Grishunin brings a “bronze” to the medal box of the Azerbaijani National Team at the First European Games. Our gymnast, having received 58.765 points, shared the podium with a silver medalist of the Olympic Games Dmitry Ushakov from Russia who took the first place, and, the bronze medalist of the World Championships, a Belarusian Uladzislau Hancharou taken the second.

This medal is the biggest achievement of our jumper in his sports career!

It should be mentioned that the Azerbaijani national team in trampoline gymnastics among women was represented by Sviatlana Makshtarova, who has received 52.595 points and took the 5th place in the final. 

At present, Azerbaijani gymnasts won six medals of different values and the main one is gold medal in artistic gymnastics.

It should be emphasized that trampoline gymnastics as a discipline has started to be developed in our country since mid of 2013.