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A successful performance in South Korea

26 November 2022

A successful performance in South Korea

On November 23-28, there was held the “The Fairy Korea” International Tournament in Rhythmic Gymnastics in South Korea. Members of our National Team have successfully performed at the competition. Our Team in Group Exercises consisting of Nargiz Ramazanova, Fatima Mammadzada, Zahra Pashazada, Fidan Yusifzada, Sakina Ibrahimbayli & Leyla Aliyeva, representing Azerbaijan at the tournament, won the Gold medal with 3 Ribbons & 2 Balls and with 5 Hoops as well. Leyli Aghazada won the “Gold” (with a Hoop & Clubs), “Silver” (with a Ribbon) and “Bronze” (with a Ball) medals.