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Dear Mr. Altay Hasanov!

03 February 2011

Dear Mr. Altay Hasanov!

The collective of Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation sincerely congratulates you on your 50th Anniversary!

The titanic efforts you made for the development of gymnastics in Azerbaijan are deservedly crowned with the highest sports awards of many countries of the world.

Your personal participation in organization and holding of all gymnastics events has created an atmosphere of benevolence, high culture and belief in victory in the country’s sports life.

We know you as a professional in his job, a highly erudite, an intelligent and a kind person having a deserved popularity and respect not only in Azerbaijan but beyond its borders as well.

We wish you to preserve a love for life, family, work and sports for the following 50 years as well.

Once again, we congratulate you on your 50th Anniversary and wish you new great successes!

The collective of Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation