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Dear sports and gymnastics fans!

13 November 2015

Dear sports and gymnastics fans!

Dear Friends!

Dear sports and gymnastics fans!

At present, we are paying more attention to sport and healthy lifestyle day by day. Sport, as a whole, starts with gymnastics, as it constitutes basics of any professional sport and fitness, which has become an integral part of our contemporary life.

Since its opening in April 2014, while watching local and major international competitions held at Milli Gimnastika Arenası (National Gymnastics Arena) from spectators’ seats, we are sure, you had lots of questions about training conditions created for athletes being a part of national teams in gymnastics disciplines, their work schedules, facilities inside the arena, and, of course, questions concerning the apparatus and sports equipment used by gymnasts during their performances. 

Now, you have an opportunity to learn about all this and much more by joining the tour of Milli Gimnastika Arenası, which is a unique sports facility in the world, specialized in all 7 gymnastics disciplines included into the program of the International Federation of Gymnastics.

The tour takes place every Saturday. By choosing a convenient time for you - 11:00, 12:00 and 13:00 – and, visiting the arena, you will feel yourself like a real athlete for a day, or, maybe, will lay the foundation of a new sportsman career in the person of your child.  

The price for a ticket is 8 AZN. Children under 12 and students can obtain tickets for 3 and for 5 AZN accordingly. For visitors up to 6 years, the tour is free of charge.

For more detailed information, please, visit the arena’s website ( or contact us by phone (+99412 566 96 99).

Welcome to the world of gymnastics - the world of beauty, gracefulness, strength and agility.