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15 February 2010


A traditional “Miss Valentine” tournament, held in the Baltic Tartu on the eve of the St. Valentine’s Day, turned out to be successful for the Azerbaijani gymnasts.

According to the press service of Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation, our gymnasts had won 6 medals only at the competitions’ first day – a “gold”, a “silver” and four bronze medals.

Thus, a leader of the national team Aliya Garayeva did not fell below the top third places in three of four finals: the best performance with a ball, the second place with a ribbon and the third place with a rope. As to Anna Gurbanova, only a hoop brought a bronze medal to her.

Our medal box was filled up with one more medal for the senior group team’s performance. Jeyla Guliyeva, Stefani Trayanova, Anastasiya Prasolova, Nigar Abdusalimova, Jamila Huseynova and Nigar Mirzayeva gave the second result in total of 2 exercises and as a result won the silver medal after the Russian team.

A junior group team, preparing for the European Championships to be held in April as well, took the third place. According to the coach of the country’s national team, “everybody and even their rivals liked the junior group team’s performance”.

“I think Madina Hasanova, Mansura Mehdiyeva, Aliya Pashayeva and Irada Ahadzada can perform at the European Championships in a worthy manner and surprise many people as it did another junior group preparing for the Euro-2011. I am very glad that the girls did not become confused and splendidly demonstrated their composition with 5 ropes. And, therefore, Aynur Jabbarli, Lala Yusifova, Aysha Mustafayeva, Siyana Vasileva and Mansura Baghiyeva fairly won the first place among 8 teams.”

The head coach was also contented with individual gymnasts’ results showed by juniors. The gold medal was brought to Azerbaijan by Mansura Baghiyeva taken the 1st place in exercises with a hoop and clubs among the gymnasts born in 1997. Aysha Mustafayeva won the 2nd place with a rope and the 3rd place with a hoop at the competitions among gymnasts born in 1996. Lala Yusifova became the 3rd with a rope, as well as with a ball and clubs in the same age group.

“Only juniors Jala Garatova and Ekaterina Prokopenko, as well as Dina Gorina performing in an individual program again, returned to Baku without awards,” M. Vasileva said. Jala and Katya took the 4-5th places, and Dina’s best result was the 10th place for today. But I think they will improve their results from tournament to tournament. By the way, the next event to be held this week – Moscow will host the Grand Prix series and hold an international tournament.”