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29 March 2010


Aliya Garayeva has become a silver medalist of the World Cup competitions held in Greek Kalamata.

According to the press service of Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation, the Azerbaijani gymnast performed in separate finals on the competitions’ last day. And in one of the finals, she won the second place with a ribbon. Having received 27.25 points, she lost only 0.3 points to a Russian Darya Kondakova.

“It is the second World Cup in a row where I become a silver medalist of these competitions,” Aliya says. It is very pleasant, and, of course, it inspires me and my coach to believe that we will give high results in tournaments to be held in April as well.

And Aliya took the 4th place in the all-around. She became the 5th in the final with a hoop and the 8th with a rope.

Another representative of Azerbaijan Samira Mustafayeva could not complete the competitions. She performed only with three apparatus without executing a composition with a ribbon. This apparatus broke down during the performance. It should be mentioned that Samira became the 4th in the tournament held in Riga last week.

And an Azerbaijani group team consisting of Jeyla Guliyeva, Stefani Trayanova, Anastasiya Prasolova, Nigar Abdusalimova, Jamila Huseynova and Ayelita Khalafova put the second cherry on a piece of the holiday cake. According to the results of two exercises, our gymnasts received 52.05 points and won the 3rd place in the all-around losing to Belarus and Italy. The team also competed in 2 separate finals and took the 5th place with five hoops and 8th place with three ribbons and two ropes. We would remind that the group became a winner of the tournament in France a week ago.

And this weekend, the events of the regular Grand Prix series have been taking place also in France where two Azerbaijani gymnasts took part in. Zeynab Javadli competed in the tournament among seniors and Jala Garatova in the tournament among juniors.

Zeynab took the 12th place in the all-around among 24 sportswomen with a total result 98.475 points. An Olympic champion Yevgeniya Kanayeva won a victory here. Jala became the 9th (92.015) among 16 gymnasts. It should also be mentioned that Garatova, performing in the tournament in Romania several days prior to this event, took the second place in a team competition together with Lala Yusifova and Aysha Mustafayeva. And Lala Yusifova also won the first place with a ball.

“Before the European Championships in Bremen, the gymnasts will perform only in Saint-Petersburg,” a head coach of the country’s national team Mariana Vasileva stated. Aliya Garayeva, Anna Gurbanova who took the 5th place in the Grand Prix in Kiev recently, as well as Samira Mustafayeva, Zeynab Javadli and a junior group will set out for the World Cup and international tournament to be held in Russian city on April 2-4.