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23 August 2008


An Azerbaijani gymnast Aliya Garayeva won the sixth place in the final of the all-around at the Olympic Games in Beijing. Taking into account that she was participating in the Olympiad for the first time, she performed well having taken the lead over Natalya Godunko (Ukraine), Irina Rizenson (Israel), Almudena Sid (Spain) and Simona Peycheva (Bulgaria).

Reaching the final, Garayeva have already accomplished a minimum task. She gave her best result in exercises with a hoop and received from the judges 18.075 points. And after the two performances, Garayeva had taken the 4th place, but she won the sixth place (69.675 points) due to the low points for the clubs and a ribbon in the end. And as Eurosport channel reported later, Azerbaijani gymnast’s sixth place added Olympic points to the total account of the country’s national team.

“As to Aliya’s result, the sixth place is a peculiar reference point for her for the future,” her coach, Marina Govorova, says. “I want to say that she has an aim and the reference point mentioned above is the Olympiad in London in 2012.”

And as it was forecasted, a Russian Yevgeniya Kanayeva became a new Olympic champion. Inna Jukova from Belarus won the silver medal and the bronze medal was going to Ukraine together with Anna Bessonova.