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16 March 2016


The peculiarity of “Novruz” Holiday is that it gathers big families together around the fire and at festive table, where traditional delicious sweets, national cuisine’s dishes, and, of course, its main attribute - "Samani" (green shoots from wheat seeds) are laid on.

A big gymnastics family gathered around the warm fire, lit at the yard of the dear home – Milli Gimnastika Arenası (MGA, National Gymnastics Arena) on last “Charshanba” (Tuesday) before “Novruz” Holiday, which is also called “Earth Tuesday”.

Despite the height of the burning fire, members of the National Teams in 6 competitive gymnastics discipline cheerfully jumped over the fire demonstrating a real sports spirit. And small children – the future of developing gymnastics in Azerbaijan, with childish courage hurried to outstrip each other in jumping over the tiny fires, attaching special beauty to this festivity.  

Having tasted saturated sweets, participants of the celebration with big enthusiasm checked the solidity of boiled and dyed eggs, remaining loyal to ancient customs.

Baku’s wind of whimsical March simultaneously whirled to the rhythm of the Azerbaijani national "Yalli" dance together with athletes, coaches, medical staff, as well as employees of Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation and MGA.

On behalf of gymnastics family, we congratulate everybody on forthcoming "Novruz" holiday and wish all families sound health and wellbeing, and, of course, real spring mood and happy holidays. On the eve of “Novruz”, on March 19 at 12:00, young gymnasts - representatives of "Ojaq Sport" Club with pleasure will favor you a good mood by demonstrating their colorful performances at festive show on cosy MGA arena.


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