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14 December 2009


Azerbaijani gymnasts’ voyage to the international tournament in Russian Vladimir turned out to be successful.

Although a junior group became the third at the competition held in German Paderborn in November, this time, the quartet consisting of Aliya Pashayeva, Irada Ahadzada, Mansura Mehdiyeva and Madina Hasanova demonstrated the best performances having fairly tried the gold medals on.

Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation reminds that this is a completely new collective consisting of 4 gymnasts formed by the coaches for a participation in the European Championships to be held in Germany next year.

Senior gymnasts, like their junior team-mates, succeeded as well. Jeyla Guliyeva, Anastasiya Prasolova, Stefani Trayanova, Nigar Mirzayeva, Jamila Huseynova, Nigar Abdusalimova and Ayelita Khalafova also won the first place.

“Lala Yusifova, who won the silver medal in the tournament of junior gymnasts born in 1995-96, also made me glad,” Mariana Vasileva, the Azerbaijani national team’s head coach, noted. “It is very pleasant to see how she is making progress. This fact disposes to positive emotions.”

“As to Jala Garatova, the gymnast took the fourth place in the same age group. So, the mission is accomplishable and its second part to be demonstrated at the international tournament in Holland on December 20,” the head coach said.

Azerbaijani national anthem sounded and national flag flattered not only in Vladimir. It also took place in another Russian city – Kaliningrad. A 12-year-old gymnast Leyla Huseynli became a winner of the international competitions, and Narmina Huseynova took the third place among gymnasts born in 1999.