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Medal rain from Romania

20 May 2021

Medal rain from Romania

There was held Irina Deleanu Cup International Tournament in Rhythmic Gymnastics in the City of Bucharest (Romania) on May 18 & 19, 2021.

Our country was represented by Kamilla Seyidzade, Maryam Aliyeva, Alina Mammadova, Govhar Ibrahimova and Aydan Rahimova in the competition.

Having successfully performed at the event, our girls won 7 medals in various categories in total.

Alina Mammadova, competing among the gymnasts born in 2007, mounted the first step of the podium for her composition with Clubs. Alina took the 3rd place with Ball. Her peer Kamilla Seyidzade won the Silver with Ball, while she became the Bronze medalist for the performance with Hoop.

Our athletes, who competed among the gymnasts born in 2009, were also among the winners. Maryam Aliyeva ranked 1st with Hoop and 3rd with Ball accordingly. Aydan Ibrahimova, who competed in the same age category, also won the “Bronze” with Hoop. Having showed the best result with Hoop, Govhar became the 6th in this program.

Congratulations to our gymnasts!