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The Parkour Introductory Course is held in Baku

06 December 2018

The Parkour Introductory Course is held in Baku

A few days ago, Parkour was officially included into the gymnastics program according to the decision made at the FIG Congress (December 2 & 3). Taking this opportunity, there was held the Introductory Course in our capital with the participation of the representatives from 13 countries as well as from Azerbaijan for the purpose of close acquaintance with this gymnastics discipline.  

The expert of the workshop was one of the founders of this sport discipline - Charles Perrière who acted in “Yamakasi” film. Sharing with the local journalists his gladness caused by the inclusion of this sport discipline into the FIG activity, Charles Perrière spoke about its future development in his interview: “It will have a positive impact on its progress. We would like to show to the whole world how interesting Parkour is. Certainly, there are a lot of work we should carry out. The main thing is to increase a number of competitions in Parkour. Now, Parkour appeared to be a part of big sport, and Baku turned out to be a city that really surprised us.”

It should be mentioned that the given courses consisted of theoretical and practical parts and lasted for 2 days.