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01 September 2011


The Grand Prix Series Final in rhythmic gymnastics has come to an end in the capital of Germany, Berlin. According to the press service of the National Federation, an Azerbaijani gymnast Aliya Garayeva has won two bronze medals. At first, she successfully performed in the final exercise with a hoop having received 28.45 points, and, thus, entered the first 3rd place on her credit side at the Grand Prix. The combination with a ball turned out to be better for 0.1 points but the national team’s leader contented herself with the third place here as well. In the finals with clubs and a ribbon, Garayeva became the 4th and 8th accordingly, and showed the 6th result in the all-around. Another gymnast Anna Gurbanova was not able to reach the finals having taken the 17th place in the qualification. At the same time with the Grand Prix Final in climatically temperate Berlin, another World Cup series were being held in hot Israel. The group team performing there, showed its best result in an exercise with 5 balls – the 10th place. But the collective was not fated to reach the final. So, there is nothing to do but to set hopes upon the successful concurrence of circumstances at the next stop of the gymnastics groups’ caravan, the World Cup to be held in Tashkent on September 5-7. Other news came from the international tournament among juniors held in a big Baltic resort, Jurmala, also well-known as a venue of youth song contest. The competition turned out to be successful for Azerbaijani gymnasts – 3 gold and 2 bronze medals. A 10-year-old Leyli Ibrahimova became the winner with a rope and a hoop, and Laman Dadashli (born in 1998) won the first place with a ribbon, as well as the third one with a ball and clubs.