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21 November 2011


The 18th Azerbaijan and Baku Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships among juniors took place at Shaghan Olympic Sports Complex, Baku settlement surrounded by the Caspian Sea, last week-end, on 2 November days, cloudy and cold as in winter.
Despite Khazri (north wind) blowing from the Caspian Sea, frost in the hall in the beginning and even rubric noses of the event’s participants, the gymnastics festival was a success, and the spectators were warmed by the bright performances of sportswomen and also by the serious contest for medals started among the eldest – 12-15 year old gymnasts. As it was mentioned at the tournament’s opening ceremony by Ismayil Ismayilov, the Deputy Minister Youth and Sports of the country, the sportswomen representing “the maximum number - 9 Baku sports societies, as well as Ganja, Sumgayit and Khirdalan” participated in the competitions. 
Team-mates of the junior group who jointly gained the “bronze” at the Euro-2011 recently, shared separate apparatus and each of them wished to see herself the best in the all-around today.
It turned out that Shaghan’s fortune is more on friendly terms with Lala Yusifova who took the first places three times (clubs, a ribbon and all-around). Only in exercises with a hoop and a ball, she relaxed a little bit, and, accordingly, Mansura Bagiyeva and Gulsum Shafizada immediately took an advantage of it. 
In the age group of gymnasts born in 1999, Laman Hajizada with confidence won a victory with all apparatus taking the 8 (!) points’ lead over her nearest pursuer Narmina Huseynova in the individual all-around. The third place was taken by Emiliya Baghiyeva.
Zuleykha Ismayilova became the first (a hoop, a ribbon and all-around) among the sportswomen born in 2000. Jala Piriyeva who became the second in the all-around, demonstrated a better performance with a combination with a ball. And Rugiyya Sattarova won the third place.
The show of the 10-year-old gymnasts was run by Leyli Ibrahimova who succeeded to win all four times.  The “silver” was taken by Natalya Guliyeva and the “bronze”by Zohra Aghamirova.
In the age group of gymnasts born in 2002, Vafa Hasanzada mounted the first level of the podium three times (without apparatus and all-around). The rope was tamed with more confidence by Darya Sorokina (the 3rd place in the all-around), and a ball – by Laman Hajiyeva (2nd place in the all-around).
Finally, Aydan Aghayeva took the first places among the youngest group of gymnasts born in 2003 (without apparatus, a rope and all-around). An exercise with a ball brought the first place to Darya Farshbafshahriyari (the 2nd place in the all-around). The “bronze” was won by Laman Huseynova.
Summing up the competitions’ result, the head coach of the Azerbaijani national team, Mariana Vasileva, stated that she was content with its result. “A rivalry among elder gymnasts – is the positive factor. But it exists only on the floor. As soon as the competitions were over and the awards were distributed among them, all the girls, regardless of their age, were amicably singing the national anthem at the event’s closing ceremony. That was the last competition of the year which is soon over and I have nothing to do but to wish the gymnasts a sound health and successes in 2012,” the Bulgarian specialist said. 
The tournament came to an end with a traditional Gala where young gymnasts from sports societies of Baku, Ganja, Sumgayit, Khirdalan, Gusar, Hovsan and Shaghan demonstrated their exciting numbers. 
According to Emil Rzayev, the director of the complex, the flow of young people wishing to engage in gymnastics will increase and the tournament held will facilitate to the popularization of this sports discipline in the settlement now.
A national team’s leader Aliya Garayeva took part in the third round of the Italian “Serie A1” Championship where her team “Ritmica Piemonte” took the sixth place. She received 28.225 points for a ribbon showing the first results within the team and among gymnasts performing with this apparatus.