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19 August 2009


An Azerbaijani group team won 3 medals at the World Cup series held in Kiev – the next to last series before the World Championships starting in three weeks in Japan.

According to the press service of Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation, the first medal – the silver one – began to glitter on the bright leotards of Vafa Huseynova, Jeyla Guliyeva, Valeriya Yegay, Dina Gorina, Anastasiya Prasolova and Stefani Trayanova after the announcement of all-around results. The girls received 50.3 points losing to the gymnasts from Belarus and taking almost 1-point lead over the floor’s hostess.

The medal mood was maintained at the World Cup’s last day as well. The group team’s gymnasts won the third places both in the final with 5 hoops, and in the final with 3 ribbons / 2 ropes having performed better than strong Bulgarian gymnasts in the latter one.

“Everyone greatly liked the Azerbaijani team in Kiev,” the head coach of the country’s national team, Mariana Vasileva, states. “After all, this tournament was one of the last rehearsals before the World Championships. I am contended with the results, although there were some mistakes. You know, one day of our training camp, two persons with the name of Maria – well-known gymnasts in the past, and members of the FIG and UEG technical committees at present, Gigova and Petrova, visited our hall. According to them, “they watched the whole testing training just in one go.”

As to the individual competitions, Anna Gurbanova gave her best result in a final of exercise with a ball – the 6th place. She took the 7th places both with a rope and a ribbon, and the 8th place in the all-around. Another Azerbaijani sportswoman took the 27th place.

Minsk will be the next stop of the gymnasts’ express before the terminal point of destination in Japanese Mie. One more World Cup series with the participation of the strongest gymnasts will be held in the capital of Belarus on August 22-23. The Azerbaijani group team, as well as Aliya Garayeva and Zeynab Javadli are among them.