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“I’ve been doing Trampoline Gymnastics since I was 8”

21 February 2023

“I’ve been doing Trampoline Gymnastics since I was 8”

Winner in the Individual & Synchronized programs of the FIG Trampoline Gymnastics World Cup in our country, the representative of Brazil - Camilla Gomes - shared her joy of victory with the Press Service of Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation (AGF):

“I have been interested in sports since my childhood. At first, I was engaged in swimming. Later, I was going to be engaged in volleyball, but I found myself in Gymnastics. First, I started doing Artistic Gymnastics, then switch to Trampoline Gymnastics. I have been engaged since Trampoline Gymnastics since I was 8. It’s been 20 years. Currently, I live in the United States and continue my training there. I dedicate my medal to my family, coaches & our Federation. I am happy that I have made my parents proud even though I’m away from them. This is my 4th visit to Baku. Here, I like to train and participate in the competitions as the organization is at a high level”.