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“Azerbaijan demonstrates high-level of hospitality”

20 May 2022

“Azerbaijan demonstrates high-level of hospitality”

The Press Service of Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation (AGF) presents an interview with Sergey Eshtayev, associate professor of the Department of Methodology and Theory of Gymnastics at the Uzbek State University of Physical Culture and Sports, who visited our country with the purpose of development of gymnastics disciplines.
- Please, tell us about the purpose of your visit to Azerbaijan?
- Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation (AGF) responded positively to our request to carry out classification in parkour development within the framework of the grant allocated to the popularization mass sports. This is the purpose of our visit to Azerbaijan.
- What meetings did you hold for this purpose?
- Here we met with the management of AGF, as well as with the management of Azerbaijan State Academy of Physical Culture and Sports within the framework of cooperation between higher education institutions.
- What sports facilities did you visit?
- We visited “Milli Gimnastika Arenasi” (National Gymnastics Arena) in Baku. We came to see the Academy. We visited the gyms located at the Baku Olympic Sports Complex, where young gymnasts train.
- How do you assess the material and technical basis of sports in Azerbaijan?
- The sports facilities we get acquainted with are very huge, magnificent buildings. These are especially designed facilities to host international competitions at the highest level, ready to welcome participants from many countries.
- We would like to know your thoughts on the development of sports in Uzbekistan.
- In Uzbekistan, the system of selection and training of athletes is slightly different. Because we have a larger population. The population of Uzbekistan is 38 million. Therefore, the system of selection and training of teams is different. If we compare with the scope and scale of Azerbaijan, I think your country is not far behind. At some points, you are even better than us.
- Is this your first visit to Baku?
- Yes, this is my first visit to Baku within my international visits. Our visit is accompanied by a warm welcome for the guests, high-level organization and spending of time efficiently.
- Please share your impression on Azerbaijan with us.
- Azerbaijan is a sunny and friendly country. High-level of hospitality is demonstrated here so that people can experience beautiful emotions and remember the country with warm memories.