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“Thanks to Gymnastics I achieved great success in my life”

06 August 2022

“Thanks to Gymnastics I achieved great success in my life”

The Press Service of Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation (AGF) presents an interview with Yana Batyrshina - silver medalist of the Olympic Games, 7-time World & 5-time European Champion in Rhythmic Gymnastics.
Ms. Batyrshina, you have visited Azerbaijan several times. First of all, we would like to know your impression about our country.
First of all, I can say that this is my motherland. I came to Azerbaijan for the first time 19 years ago. Timur Weinstein, who later became my husband, brought me here. He introduced me such an amazing, hospitable, beautiful country. When I saw the city, for the first seconds we got off the plane, I realized that this was a place very close to my heart. I was born in Uzbekistan. From this point of view, the Oriental color here is exactly what I need. People show me so much love and warmth that simply cannot be expressed in words. I am always smiling and happy when I am in Azerbaijan.
Please share with us your thoughts about the development of Gymnastics in Azerbaijan.
Gymnastics is developing in Azerbaijan. Undoubtedly, the results, medals and awards won by your representatives are the main indicator of this development. Just a month and a half ago, the National Team of Azerbaijan won 4 Bronze medals at the European Championships. This is an amazing result. Under the leadership of the President of Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation – Mrs. Mehriban Aliyeva, this field is being developed at a high level. Everything is going in the right way. Today, for the first time, I saw the members of the National Team among juniors whose performances I had never watched. Of course, reserve promising young gymnasts are being grown up as reserves. More talented and better generation replaces the older one. I wish the federation good luck and the athletes injury-free performances.
Today you watched the dress rehearsal of our Rhythmic Gymnastics National Team for the Islamic Solidarity Games. How do you assess the chances of our athletes at the Games? 
I think their chances are high. At the last Islamic Games, National Team of Azerbaijan won the “Gold” and three more Gold medals with separate Apparatus. I wish your team to repeat this result at least. Of course, there are strong countries among the competitors, but it seems to me that Azerbaijan can repeat this success.
What do you think you need to do to be successful in sports?
First of all, believe in yourself, listen to coaches and parents. Because they never give us bad advice. On the contrary, they wish the best for us. Of course, one cannot forget that there is no victory without defeat. Each loss brings us closer to the victory. You need to believe in yourself and not to be disoppointed due to minor faults. This is the most important thing.
What did Gymnastics bring you?
Thanks to Gymnastics I achieved great success in my life. If I wasn’t a gymnast, I wouldn’t have appeared on television and I wouldn’t have met my husband there and our children wouldn’t have been born. That’s why I am very happy that I was engaged in Rhythmic Gymnastics. If I had to start this life over again, I would definitely do Gymnastics again. Because everything I have achieved today is thanks to Gymnastics. 
You have also been a presenter on television for a long time. What was the role of gymnastics in your activities as sports journalist?
Certainly. Gymnastics helps a lot, because there are similar points. It is primarily a discipline. Most athletes are disciplined. This point is also very important on TV. In addition, you should listen to your teachers, benefit from them and improve yourself. When you have live stream, you feel like at the competition. You just have one try. The difference is that when you appear on TV, you have a camera and an operator in front of you and when you step on Gymnastics floor, there are many people watching you in a huge stadium. But the feelings - the excitement and the pleasure you get are the same.
You have held master classes in Azerbaijan at different times. Would you like to host such trainings here again?
Yes, I have already held a master class several times. Of course, I will accept such an offer with great pleasure.