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We came here to improve ourselves

06 April 2024

 We came here to improve ourselves

Welcome to Azerbaijan. Please introduce yourself.

Thank you so much. My name is Olga. We are from the United Arab Emirates. We have two branches in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The name of our club is Aram Gymnastics Club.

What does your training include here?

Gymnastics is not very popular in the Arab Emirates. We are here for Rhythmic Gymnastics. That's why we are here to help our girls improve themselves, to become better, and to try to correct some mistakes with their apparatus handlings and routines as well.

Please share your impression about “Milli Gimnastika Arenasi” (National Gymnastics Arena).

We would like to have something the same in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, of course. It looks amazing. And of course, we would be happy to come here again. It's a good experience not only for gymnasts but also for us.

So how does Gymnastics develop in your country?

As I told you before, Rhythmic Gymnastics is not very popular in our country. We try to improve Rhythmic Gymnastics in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It's our mission. We don't even have a federation in Dubai. We try to grow good gymnasts, and we try to represent the UAE in international arenas.

Is that your first visit to Baku?

I have been in Baku around three or four years ago. I came for a competition which I don’t exactly remember but it was with another club. I can say that it is a completely different experience between my previous club and the one I am working with now. So of course, we are happy to be here.