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We came here to prepare for the future competitions

10 April 2024

We came here to prepare for the future competitions

Welcome to Azerbaijan. Please introduce yourself.

Thank you. We are from Kuwait. I have come to the training camp with one gymnast. We are Kuwait Gymnastics Federation. 

What does your training include?

We came here to improve our skills and prepare for the future competitions.

Could you please tell us which competition are you preparing for?

It is an international competition. Our team members are pre-juniors. So, we need to prepare for a good result. 

How does gymnastics develop in your country? 

I am in Kuwait for 3 years. I came there to build the national team for Kuwait. It was very hard for me because Rhythmic Gymnastics in Arab countries is something new. So, within 3 years I did several things for them.

Is that your first visit to Baku?

No, my first visit was in 2005. It was the World Championships. I competed for the Ukrainian National Team and we won the second place.

Since then, what has changed in Baku for 19 years?

Baku is one of my favorite cities in the world because I feel like I am in my own country here. I like food and people. For me, it was a big surprise between 2005 and the second time when I came here again with the Dubai team. At that time, I worked in Dubai, I think it was in 2016 or 2017 and since that, there have been a lot of changes here within this period and it surprised me a lot. 

What do you think about the development of Gymnastics in Azerbaijan?

I am very proud of your federation. It is also a surprise for me because I remember that time how they started, and how they are continuing now. It is just amazing.