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The President of Serbian Gymnastics Federation conducts a master class to our gymnasts

15 May 2024

The President of Serbian Gymnastics Federation conducts a master class to our gymnasts

President of the Serbian Gymnastics Federation, Doctor of Science in Physical Education - Sasha Velickovic held a master class in Men’s Artistic Gymnastics at “Milli Gimnastika Arenasi” (National Gymnastics Arena). During the masterclass, he presented special training exercises for Men’s Artistic gymnasts. While talking with Sasha Velickovic, who visited our country for the 5th time, he shared his thoughts about Azerbaijan’s Gymnastics experience and our arena. 
“It's the first time I’m holding a masterclass here. You have a very nice center worthy of real Champions. I already know that you have good coaches and specialists. I trained many coaches and it should be mentioned that the development of Gymnastics in Azerbaijan is at a high level. In this master class, there were parts that gymnasts were familiar with. I think it is always necessary to repeat the important things for our junior gymnasts. We have a strong relationship with Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation, the Ministry of Youth and Sports have shown great support for the development of Gymnastics in Serbia. Thank you so much for this support. I decided to hold this masterclass as a gratitude for the support shown to us.
President of Serbian Gymnastics Federation - Mr. Sasha Velickovic, believes that all the necessary conditions exist to prepare Champions in the arena. He also spoke briefly about the impression made on him by our athletes.
“Your children are talented. I know you are hardworking people. Diligence is the best way to achieve high results and become a Champion.”
After speaking with S. Velickovic, who shared his opinion about our gymnasts, we also spoke with our athletes. 
"I have attended many master classes so far. I would say that this was the most interesting one. During this training, I learned a lot of new exercises. I think that such master classes support the development of both Junior and Senior athletes. There were some exercises that I will definitely try during the training sessions,” stated representative in Men’s Artistic Gymnastics - Ahmadzada Rasul, while sharing his impressions.
“As a person who took part in many master classes, I can say that participating in such educational masterclasses at the beginning of my sports career contributed a lot to my growth. I believe that this training will play a special role in improving the knowledge of our Juniors,” said Alizade Aydın in his interview.
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