Sport begins üith gymnastics



The winners of the joint competitions of acrobats and jumpers are defined


There were held the 25th Azerbaijan and Baku Championships in Acrobatic Gymnastics and the 4th Azerbaijan and Baku Championships in Trampoline Gymnastics at the hall of “Ojag Sport” club No.1 on October 26 & 27.

Representatives of Baku Gymnastics School, Specialized Children and Youth Sports School of Olympic Reserve No. 13 of Nizami district, “Neftchi”, “Ojag Sport” club and its branch in Shabran participated in these joint gymnastics competitions lasted for 2 days.

At first, the acrobats commenced the tournament. 25 Women`s Pairs, Men`s Pairs, Women`s Groups, Men`s Groups, Mixed Pairs in total competed in the age categories of “youngsters”, “children”, “pre-juniors” and “juniors”.

On the second day of the events, the acrobats shared the Field of Play with the representatives of Trampoline Gymnastics. The jumpers defined the strongest ones in the age categories of “youngsters”, “children”, “pre-juniors”, “juniors” and “seniors”.

At the end of the tournament lasted for 2 days, the winners and the gymnasts distinguished themselves with their scores were awarded.

The more detailed information on the results of the competitions is available at the federation's website - http://agf.az/en/competitions/information/176.