Sport begins üith gymnastics





A well-known gymnast in the immediate past Aliya Yusupova - the two-time winner of the Asian Games, the participant of the Olympic Games in Athens and Beijing - has arrived in Baku. She came to Baku with gymnasts representing her school for a training camp, and, despite the busy schedule, she found time to meet with the members of the Azerbaijani national team.

The holder of the 4th and 5th places at the Olympic Games told about how she came to the big-time sports. "I was not taken to the gymnastics by my mother, as it usually happens, but I was taken by my father. He was an athlete and insisted on my going namely in for rhythmic gymnastics", she said.

Gymnasts, especially, members of the country's junior national team, asked the eminent guest a slew of questions, starting from - what was your goal in sports and ending - how did you met your future spouse.

"From the moment you begin to engage in professional sports, you have only one goal - to become an Olympic champion," she emphasized. Aliya Yusupova wished each of the gymnasts to experience those feelings that came before appearing on the Olympic floor. "You have such splendid conditions for trainings, which not everybody has, and, you have nothing to do just to show results," she said.

Yusupova also expressed her gratitude for the given opportunity to take part in the training camp in Baku and with pleasure recollected her performances at the World Cup series and the World Championships held in Baku. "We had always been given a cordial welcome here and the public supported in such a way that you did not want to leave the floor. I still keep photos from the Baku podiums, they are very valuable for me," she noted.

At the end of the meeting, where the national team's coaches at the head of Mariana Vasileva took part as well, Aliya Yusupova and members of the Azerbaijani national team took a memory picture .