Sport begins üith gymnastics


18.02.2020 The impressions from the competitions are good, the more I’m leaving home with a medal - Belarusian athlete The silver medalist of the World Cup in trampoline and acrobatic track in Baku, Belarusian athlete Ivan Litvinovich (individual program in trampoline) was pleased with the result of his performance at the competition. 16.02.2020 Azerbaijan pays great attention to sports: ambassador of Colombia Azerbaijan pays great attention to sports, Colombian Ambassador to Azerbaijan Luis Antonio Dimate Cardenas told. 15.02.2020 Ukrainian gymnast happy with FIG World Cup taking place in Baku The organization of competitions in the National Gymnastics Arena in Baku is always at the highest level, Daryna Koziarska, Ukrainian female athlete, finalist of the FIG World Cup in Trampoline Gymnastics and Tumbling in Baku, told. 15.02.2020 Azerbaijan plays important role in int’l sports - ambassador Various sporting events are regularly held in Azerbaijan, and it is obvious that the country plays an important role in international sports, French Ambassador to Azerbaijan Zacharie Gross told 13.02.2020 UK’s gymnast: Baku has good gym for training UK’s entire team was thoroughly training for the World Cup in Trampoline and Tumbling in Baku, UK’s gymnast, participant of the upcoming competitions Andrew Stamp told 13.02.2020 French gymnasts easily adapting to atmosphere on eve of competitions in Azerbaijan Coach of the French national trampoline team Guillaume Bourgeon hopes that the members of the French team will win medals at the World Cup in Trampoline and Tumbling in Baku.