Sport begins üith gymnastics


28.10.2013 "NEFTCHI" TAKES THE 5TH PLACE AT THE AEON CUP WORLWIDE RG CHAMPIONSHIPS IN JAPAN An Azerbaijani junior gymnast Zhala Piriyeva, along with her elder teammates, Lala Yusifova and Marina Durunda have constituted a trio collective from "Neftchi" for the AEON Cup Worldwide RG Championships, which come to an end in the land of the rising sun. 27.10.2013 ACROBATS – ARE THE 5TH IN EUROPE While 19 clubs of the world have been defining the best ones among gymnasts in insular Japan, the European Age Group Competitions in acrobatics took place on the Iberian Peninsula, in town of Odivelas, located 20 minutes away from the center of Lisbon. 21.10.2013 DURUNDA IS THE FIRST IN ITALY, YUSIFOVA IS THE THIRD ONE IN GERMANY According to the press-service of Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation, the traditional A1 Italian Championship started in Desio town. 20.10.2013 THE 12th IN QUALIFICATION The European Age Group competitions in acrobatics have come to an end in Portugal. 07.10.2013 GETTING CLOTHER TO THE PODIUM…     An Azerbaijani gymnast Marina Durunda has completed with the fourth result another performance in the events of the Grand Prix series held in According to the press service of Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation, one of the national team's leaders reached all the finals with separate apparatus. 06.10.2013 … WHILE IN CENTRAL EUROPE … gymnasts competed at the Grand Prix, flying gymnasts were defined the best ones at this year’s World Cup final in Scandinavian Denmark. 05.10.2013 … IN BELGIAN ANTWERP     According to the results of the performances on all six apparatus, an Azerbaijani athlete Ruslan Namazov received 69.