Sport begins üith gymnastics


30.08.2013 AZERBAIJANI GYMNASTS PERFORM IN THE ALL-AROUND FINAL The Azerbaijani National Team’s sportswomen – Marina Durunda and Lala Yusifova have made their way through a list of the best 24 gymnasts according to the qualification’s results. 29.08.2013 YUSIFOVA AND DURUNDA PERFORM WITH CLUBS AND A RIBBON The gymnasts will compete for medals with two apparatus today. 29.08.2013 DURUNDA BECOMES THE FIFTH IN THE WORLD Marina Durunda had reached the final with a ribbon. 28.08.2013 YUSIFOVA AND DURUNDA COMPLETE THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS’ FIRST DAY'S QUALIFICATION The gymnasts will compete for two kinds of medals today. 27.08.2013 AN AZERBAIJANI GYMNAST BECOMES THE SECOND AT THE "SCHERBO CUP" According to the press service of Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation, the 16-year-old athlete won the silver medal performing in the final on a horizontal bar (12. 26.08.2013 CONGRATULATIONS! Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation’s staff sincerely congratulates you on your birthday! 24.08.2013 THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS IN RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS, KIEV, AUGUST 28 - SEPTEMBER 1, 2013 Compositions of the Azerbaijani team: Individual gymnasts: Lala Yusifova and Marina Durunda Group team: Sabina Abbasova, Sabina Qaratova, Siyana Vasileva, Mansura Bagiyeva, Irada Ahadzade, Aliya Pashayeva Dates and time of the Azerbaijani gymnasts' performances August 27, Tuesday 21. 19.08.2013 THE WORLD CUP IN SAINT-PETERSBURG IN THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS IN KIEV An Azerbaijani gymnast Marina Durunda reached and performed in all four finals.