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Kazakhstan coach: Baku is best place to prepare for competitions

All conditions have been created at the National Gymnastics Arena in Baku to ensure an uninterrupted training process, senior trainer of the East Kazakhstan region in rhythmic gymnastics Anara Zhantasova told reporters on Dec.14.

The coach said that the team arrived in Baku for training, which is aimed at preparing for competitions in Kazakhstan.
"The main goal of our visit is preparation for the republican competitions, but we also hope to reach the level of the Asian championship, and I want to note that in Baku we receive a lot of help," Zhantasova said.

Explaining the selection of Baku as a place for trainings, Zhantasova noted that Baku has a huge and probably the best base in the region for training in any gymnastic discipline.

"There are very friendly staff here who help us a lot, and excellent professionals accompany you, so in my opinion, Baku is the best place for training. As for the arena itself, I note that the conditions in it are simply magnificent. In addition, there is a place where you can stay. In general, I believe that all conditions for an uninterrupted training process are created here, "Zhantasova said.