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2nd Azerbaijan and Baku Championship among Age Categories in Aerobic Gymnastics


The 2nd Azerbaijan and Baku Championship among Age Categories took place at Sports-Concert Complex named after Heydar Aliyev on October 1.

Before the young talents started their performances, the spectators, who came to watch the competitions, were given detailed information about this gymnastics discipline, the development of which began in Azerbaijan since late 2013.

At the events with participation of 35 gymnasts, the representatives of “Ojag Sport” Club competed for the medals in men’s (juniors – 15-17-year-old, seniors – 18-year-old and senior) and women's (children - 7-8-year-old, youngsters - 9-11-year-old, pre-juniors - 12-14-year-old, juniors - 15-17-year-old) individual program as well as within women's trio (children - 7-8-year-old, youngsters - 9-11-year-old, pre-juniors - 12-14-year-old).

According to the results of the events, Vladimir Dolmatov (seniors) and Imran Imranov (juniors) distinguished themselves in men’s individual competitions, while Ayan Aliyeva (children), Dilara Gurbanova (youngsters), Khadija Guliyeva (pre-juniors) and Narmina Huseynova (juniors) were awarded in women’s individual program.

Aylin Aliyeva, Amina Jafarli and Zahra Salmanli (children), Aydan Mugalova, Aydan Shirinova and Sara Alikhanli (youngsters), as well as Farida Aghayeva, Khadija Guliyeva and Farah Valiyeva (pre-juniors) won a victory at women’s competitions among trios.

The events were broadcasted live on official website of Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation (www.agf.az).

The more detailed information about the results of the competitions are available on the web page http://www.agf.az/competitions/.