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Individual gymnasts` performances come to an end at the World Championships


The capital city of Bulgaria - Sofia, hosting the 36th World Championships in Rhythmic Gymnastics, is being in the limelight for the last days. Today, individual gymnasts have already completed their performances at “Armeec” Arena where 350 sportswomen from 61 countries performed.

Zohra Aghamirova, as well as the Championships’ debutant Darya Sorokina and Veronika Hudis, who represented our country in this tournament, tried to execute their routines in the best way, having done everything in their power. As a result, our girls ranked the 9th in a team competition among 38 countries.

In the All-Around events, Zohra managed to be included into the list of 24 best gymnasts. Our debutant sportswoman Veronika Hudis, who competed in this program, was just one step away from the final and ranked 25th consequently.

Our another representative, Darya Sorokina, who performed at the World Championships for the first time as well, gave her best result with a ball and took the 48th place among 148 gymnasts.

Tomorrow, the performances of 36 teams in group exercises will commence at Sofia’s “Armeec” Arena.  Aliya Pashayeva, Siyana Vasileva, Ayshan Bayramova, Diana Doman and Zeynab Hummatova will represent our country in this program.