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Mariana Vasileva made an important step in realization of Nicaraguan gymnast’s wish


Head Coach of the Azerbaijani Rhythmic Gymnastics National Team, AGF Executive Committee Member, Mariana Vasileva, presented a gift to the Nicaraguan gymnast which made her very happy.

Thus, having watched the video depicting how Nicaraguan gymnast Sofia Estrada was training with apparatus made from plastic bottles and tubes, M. Vasileva decided to give her a gift of real apparatus. In short period of time, the Nicaraguan gymnast received her apparatus she had been dreaming of for a long time and which she would use with great enthusiasm.

Below is the publication made on the internet site of the Nicaraguan Olympic Committee:

Pursuing a wish...

Our gymnast receives a gift from Azerbaijan

Nicaraguan gymnast Sofia Estrada was presented with a set of apparatus (a rope, a ball, clubs and a ribbon) and a leotard as a gift from the Head Coach of the Azerbaijani Rhythmic Gymnastics National Team Mariana Vasileva on Thursday, July 30.

It started with the Nicaraguan Gymnastics Federation’s sharing the video depicting clubs for online training made from plastic bottles and tubes with the help of Sofia's mother.

Vasileva, who is also a member of the Executive Committee of Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation, contacted a few minutes later after the share and said she wished to present all the necessary apparatus for training and competitions.

The President of the Nicaraguan Gymnastics Federation, Kenia Herrera, said that the Head Coach wished the gymnast to realize her dream, consequently, to have an opportunity to be invited to the training camp in a Eurasian country where gymnastics is at a high level.

The 12-year-old gymnast, coming from Ciudad Sandino, has been involved in ballet since the age of seven due to her flexibility. In February of this year, when she decided to try herself in Rhythmic Gymnastics, she could not imagine that she would fall in love with this sport.

Inspired by the gift, the gymnast, who trains with all her strength to become a proper gymnast, wishes to represent Nicaragua with dignity and win a Gold medal for her country at international competitions.