Sport begins üith gymnastics





An Azerbaijani gymnast Samira Mustafayeva has won a silver medal at the international tournament held in Kazan.

According to the press service of Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation, our gymnast, performing in the individual all-around, shared the second place with a Russian sportswoman. The first place was taken by a gymnast from Turkey, and the third place by a gymnast from Lithuania.

Meanwhile, Samira’s team-mates, Aliya Garayeva and Anna Gurbanova, took part in the traditional “Serie A” Italian RG Championship, the first round of which took place in Fabriano town.

It should be mentioned that Anna Gurbanova performs in the main tournament – in the “Serie A 1”. She defends the colors of the “Ginnastica Comense 1872” club. And Aliya Garayeva competes in the composition of “Ardor” team, performing in the division of a lower rank – “Serie A 2”.

Both of our sportswomen performed with a rope at the first round held. Anna received 26.075 points. This is the first result in the team and the second one with this apparatus after a Russian Yevgeniya Kanayeva (27.900) performing for the “Petratca” collective. Aliya received 25.45 points and this result became the third.

Garayeva’s “Ardor” team, competing for the right to perform in the “Serie A 1”, takes the 7th place with 127.475 points for the time being. “Comense 1872” is at the 8th position at present. Result – 137.35.

The second round of the “Serie A” Italian RG Championship will be held in Desio city on November 7.