Sport begins üith gymnastics





An Azerbaijani gymnast Dina Gorina has won the fifth place at the international tournament held in Burgas, Bulgaria.

According to the press service of Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation, she took the 5th place after a final execution of the exercise with a hoop. Gorina gave the 7th result with a rope and a ribbon. And she became the 9th in the all-around.

“I think that Dina performed in Bulgaria very well and I saw an aspiration for development and progress in her eyes,” Mariana Vasileva, the head coach of the country’s national team stated. “Certainly, she has a potential. She quite successfully performed as a gymnast in the composition of a group team for a long time. But, still, she has to work with separate apparatus attentively and intently, for example, with a ball.”

Another international tournament was held in Russian Vladimir city. The best result among Azerbaijani gymnasts were given by an 11-year-old Emiliya Baghiyeva taken the 4th place in her age group and Nilufar Niftaliyeva (born in 1998) taken the 6th place.

As to the forthcoming events – regular World Cup series will be held in French Corbeil-Essonnes on May 7-9, where Anna Gurbanova and Samira Mustafayeva will participate in.