Sport begins üith gymnastics





The Azerbaijani National Team’s sportswomen – Marina Durunda and Lala Yusifova have made their way through a list of the best 24 gymnasts according to the qualification’s results. Yusifova appeared on the floor first of our gymnasts. At first, she executed a composition with a ball having received 16.583 points from the judges. Then, she performed with clubs and her point with this apparatus is 16.408. Afterwards, Lala tamed a ribbon (16.366). She also performed with a hoop having received 16.45 points. According to the results of all four exercises, Yusifova earned 65.532 points having shared the 13th place with a German gymnast.

Durunda began her performances with a hoop having received 15.6 points for it. She continued the all-around with a ball having received 16.15 points. And, then, Marina tamed the clubs (16.666). Her last performance was with a ribbon where she received 16.466 points form the judges. According to the results of all four exercises, Durunda ranked the 16th having received 64.882 points.

We would like to remind you that Durunda took the 5th place with a ribbon in the final the day before.

A Russian Yana Kudryatseva became the World’s All-around Champion, the second – is the floor’s hostess, Ganna Rizatdinova. And the “bronze” was won by Melitina Stanyuta from Belarus.